Transport for London Topographical Skills

If you want to become a Private Hire Driver in London (Minicab Driver), then you must be licensed by Transport for London. The Topographical Skills Assessment must be passed as it’s a compulsory requirement when applying for your Private Hire License.

This course will help you fully understand how to pass the Topographical Skills Test, which you must take with Transport for London. We will use a mixture of videos, text, training questions and practice questions to help you learn. The current topographical skills test with TfL is paper based exam, but they are working on a new computer based exam.

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AZ Master Atlas of Greater London

To complete your online training you can use a digital copy of the AZ Atlas of Greater London provided with the course. You will use the same printed version of the same Atlas on the test. We recommend you buy a copy of this Atlas as it is good to have as a professional driver. AZ Master Atlas of Greater London

NOTE: AZ Master Atlas of Greater London

There are some important things you must understand about the AZ Master Atlas, there are also sections of the book that are vital when it comes to navigating your routes. Watch the video and read the information below.

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Introduction & Taster Questions

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